Trouble Getting into Zwift 09.06.20

When I try and launch Zwift tonight on my Laptop (through Windows), I just get a screen saying ‘Welcome’ and a large image of my Profile Picture, but it never moves onto the screen where I pair my turbo trainer and hit Ride. Had this issue for last 3 hours now. Tried turning laptop off and on! Checked Zwift for Updates, but it say it is up to date.

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Is this the first time this happend. It look like the startup screen is huge? Did you change the screen resolution.

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This is the 1st time this has happened. I haven’t changed anything since I used it on Sunday, went into launch it, and this appears across my laptop screen, where it normally logs me into Zwift and displays the blue Zwift Page and then the usual page where it says your name (with Change User in a blue box below).

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Shuji at Zwift HQ here. That’s definitely a bizarre situation that we want to investigate by looking at your log files. Here’s how to locate your log files.

There are three types on a Windows machine running Zwift

The first two might have a suffix (old1, old2, etc). We want all the files with a date / time stamp when you experienced this issue. Please attach all the relevant logs to an email to Ask for Shuji and reference the URL from this forum thread and I’ll route it to the right team.