Trojan detected when trying to install Zwift software to my PC

Hello, i am having difficulty installing the zwift software to my PC.About 3 seconds from the end of zwift installing / updating it comes up with a anti virus box telling me that a Trojan has been detected (SONAR.AM.C!g9) and wont let it finish installing.


Can anybody advise on how I should proceed?



Do you have a screenshot of the message and what anti-virus software your you using?

Also, where are you getting the download from? This should be the only place you should be getting it from:

If you’re using Norton it’s probably a false positive. If you google the “virus” you’ll see everybody result is talking about how it’s a false positive with various programs.     Maybe because Zwift downloads updates itself it sets off that alarm with certain versions of Norton?

Microsoft Windows Defender is anti-virus protection included with Windows. You might decide that you can use it rather than third-party software, if that is your situation.