Z117 Error

Z117 error question. The following instruction provided to help solve the problem is just a little too obtuse for me; “Right-click on the ZwiftInstaller file and choose ‘Run as Admin…’ even if you already have Admin access on your computer.” My question is, what is the Zwiftinstaller file specifically? Is this supposed to be the file downloaded from your site? I have never mastered the RPM command, i.e. Read Programmers Mind.

Yes it’s the file you fetch from zwift.com/download

And make sure you have OneDrive disabled. The Z117 error usually has something to do with access to the Documents folder.

If you can’t puzzle it out, contact support directly.

Hi @Edward_Fish, Thank you for using the Zwift Forums!
Fernanda here, part of the support specialist at Zwift.

I can understand this can be confusing, but let me try to help you a little bit more, as @Paul_Southworth let you know, the ZwiftInstaller file is going to be on your downloads, let me share a picture of how it looks like:

The path for you to find it will be: Documents ➤ Downloads ➤ ZwiftSetup ➤ Right Click ➤ Run as Admin.

If you still having the error 117 after completing this, try the following:

  • Please, if in your administrator profile you have a special character, remove it.
  • If you are using Windows Defender, I will kindly ask you to please exclude the Zwift App, I will share a picture for you to get visual guidance.

Let us know how it goes!

It was only confusing because the instruction was not clear. I looked for a file called Zwiftinstaller. The instruction should have been look for Zwiftsetup in the download directory.
I did receive an email that asked that I turn off my Onedrive. In my case this is a Zwift dedicated computer so this causes no problems…for me.
This may have solved the problem but I may not know until the next update.
Thanks for your help.
Edward Fish