Triple Flat Loops Route bug

Good morning!
Today I join two events with Triple Flat Loops Route. One was an EVO event and the other one was Rapha 500 event.
What is happening is that I got stuck in the curve between Ocean Boulevards and Downtown!! I really got stucked here! I keep pedaling and I don’t move from the same place.
Luckily I was able to do late join (in the last minute) on EVO’s event, but I hadn’t the same luck on Rapha 500 event :frowning:
Can you please check the situation?
Thank you very much :pray:t3:
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Did this happen both times?

Ive never heard of this happening before.

Both times :frowning: many people were doing a dodge arriving to the curve, but I got really stucked :frowning: had to leave both rides :frowning: couldn’t keep moving on the map…. :frowning: