Zwift insider full PRL event 13/03/21

Anyone experiencing problems???

came out of starting gates n went the wrong way… took me on reverse direction of Boxhill??? going up Foxhill … what da …

closed app then restarted again. message says continue activity… now no more “End Event” button?

i think i am out of the event… bloody fishes…

can anyone help???

Sounds like you were unlucky and had a weird glitch. People do occasionally report this sort of thing.

Pretty sure that no-one will be able to help you, I’m sorry to say.

I guess these things can and will happen. Been preparing for this ride, sleeping well and eating properly for the last week as well… Oh well!

Yeah it is obviously extremely frustrating to have a ride-ending glitch on a quite unique sort of event.

Cheers Steve.

Stayed in the saddle for 200km with a few loops around London instead.

Will be ready for the next one.