Tri Academy Icon Missing

I noticed today the Tri academy icon that is usually beside my name is now missing. The only thing I did was register for the Tour de Zwift ride/ run this morning. Did I accidentally mess Tri Academy up by signing up for something else?

I’m not sure that my icon disappeared at the same time, but I can say that I did the same thing and came here because I miss seeing my ZATri 2020 Icon. I worked hard to complete all of those events.

Me too. Seems icon went poof after I signed up for the tour :slightly_frowning_face:

I did finally hear back from Zwift support with the correct reasoning: you lose the badge once you sign up for the Tour. We’re all still enrolled in the Zwift Tri Academy and our progress is still being tracked. I guess we can be enrolled in multiple things at once, but the no badge for the tour overrides the academy badge.

My progress has been updating on the website and companion app after losing the icon.