Tri Academy Completion

I’ve done each of the 6 bike workouts and a TT race, however, the program status is currently listed as incomplete. While I did miss a recovery star in workout #4, I assumed that I had fulfilled the requirement.

Have I missed something?

Excellent program btw, great lead up to IMAZ.

Hi Liam
To complete the Academy program you will also need to complete the 4 runs and 1 x run race, have you done those yet?
Fantastic to hear you enjoyed the bike workouts and good luck in Arizona!

Does it matter the number of stars we get on the workouts? I lost some stars on the recoveries last week

No, as long as you finish the workout it is considered ‘complete’. Stars are always good though!

I’ve done all 6+1 rides and 4+1 runs, but both races (5k run and TT) are missing in progress.
I’m stuck with 86% cycling and 80% running.
Interestingly in companion app in “my progress” details view it correctly says I’ve done
7/7 rides and 8/5 runs (I’ve tried the race a few times)
Is there a bug with counting races?

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Same here. Run & Bike races are not counted in the percentage. but all workouts and races are correctly listed.
Also opened a ticket with Zwift support.

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Good. Please let us know what they say.

Our team are looking into it for you. If you private message me your User IDs it would be helpful.
Instructions for finding your user id are here:

I have been having this issue as well! My dashboard reads 5/7 bike workouts complete (4 workouts and one race) and 4/5 run workouts complete (3 runs and one race), but only 59% complete for progress. I have not repeated any workout, so that shouldn’t be an issue either.

I also was not credited for the run race. I contacted support and I am currently on their waiting list. I think there is a bug in Zwift.

good morning! yesterday I’ve done the run workout from the workout page zwift academy 2020 folder: „3.endurance stimulation“, but it counts in the „completed activities“ as „vo2max developement“ so i think there is a bug. last week instead of countin the 6x800 meter repetitions zwift counts the endurance stimulation. so the 6x800 doesnt show in completed activities. what could i do to repair this? or should i mail sbdy sthg? thanks!

they corrected it with the last update

I just finished Tri Academy cycling side of the session but it glitched out on me, 16/17 stars?
6. 4 Minute Power @ 65watts any reason why @Richard_Melik_ZHQ ?

Hi Michael
Are you saying that the ‘glitch’ was that you didn’t receive the 17th star? If so, whilst it is disappointing not to get the full 17 stars it makes no difference at all to either your Academy completion or your chances of progressing for selection to the Academy. We are not tracking stars for the selection process, we are only tracking power and heart rate data.
Hope that helps - Richard

@Richard_Melik_ZHQ received all my stars except 16th star which glitched

1 to 15 stars completed
16 star glitched* (6) 4 Minute Power @ 65watts
17 completed

I actually also did my 6x800, and when ot uploaded it only showed that i have done 7.2 km and 41 min. Although i did the whole session…

Hi rich. Don’t know if you remember me from a Retul ages ago (nee Barnard)!? I have contacted Zwift support because 2 issues: the foot pod regardless of calibrating it as shown would not get to speed (15:8 km as opposed to 16:2km needed) per rep.
Secondly and more upsettingly: I had a malfunction on rep 5/6 of session 2 on the 800ms reps. This has obviously then discounted my 5th rep completely.
I am really wanting to be a strong candidate for the selection process and I fear that this has massively ballsed it up for my chances ?

Hi Natalie
No need to worry about the above concerns. Foot pod calibration can be variable but as long as you were running close to the intended speeds (which you were by the look of it) that is fine.
In terms of the bad rep on the 6 x 800 workout it is probably best to redo that workout, you still have 10 days or so. However, if the workout is shown as completed then that is fine, one bad rep will not count against you in the overall scheme.
The data from these workouts will be used to define a shortlist and will not be the only deciding factor in who makes the team.
Best of luck!

Thanks Rich. I think it has counted it as a completed task… I have left it massively late to get these all done plus two weeks of full blown flu hasn’t helped / affected the HR data!! Gotta be in it to win though as they say. Thank you for your help. I may try another treadmill to see if I can get a different / more accurate speed too