Trek-Segafredo kit missing from my garage [July 2021]

Looks like the latest update 1.15.0 (1.0.75178) (July 19 2021) deleted the Trek/Segafredo training kit awarded from the Trek-Segafredo Mission from 2017. Bug or intentional?

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Weird. We’re looking into that. By any chance, do you know other Zwifters who earned this kit? Wondering if this is more widespread, or it something’s up with your account.


We did a little digging and you’re right. We’re going to restore this kit in next month’s major release (1.16.0). Sorry about that, and thanks in advance for your patience.


me too. I hope fix it.

same for me! Glaad to see it will return

Mine’s gone too

Yes my Trek kit is missing to.

Yes looking forward to having it back. Wearing it since 2017