Game Update 1.15 - July 19th, 2021

usually, the in progress file can be “fixed” by using any of the tools on try to run your file through “Corrupt Time Fixer”, for example, and then upload it to strava.

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Had to downgrade my V5 to 4.1.2. Tried every new release and none cure problem.

I have problem connect to my magene t300 with my power meter ( swork power crank) after the update. If I connect trainer, power meter unable to search power meter, if I connect power meter trainer unable to search to connect

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Thanks for the tip. Tried it but didn’t work. :frowning:

I seem to have lost my erg option in the training module following the last update …how do I get it back ?

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Same issue here. Using on iPad. Looking at Zwiftpower after the event it looks like it happened to about 6 riders of the 70 or so that took place. Pretty big issue.

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my smart trainer are not connected after the ios app upgrade. Why did you make this uncomportable change? It’s so uncomfortable and I don’t feel like training

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Please elaborate? Are you selecting this radio button in the Workouts option?

Or do you mean that your trainer’s defaulting to SIM mode and you feel the resistance change on uphills / downhills?

Or something else? Please let us know what OS platform your Zwift computer runs, and if you have a second power meter on your setup?

Zwift insider tested it and it’s a faster climber than Specialized Tarmac Pro! Get it for free by completing a Specialized group workout this week.

I’m glad to hear Marty is going to be OK.

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Reporting issues with the companion app; it freezes frequently after a few minutes of use, especially when on the map display.
Device Samsung Galaxy S10+, Android 11, kernel 4.14.113.


Good update, keep up the good work.

Do you have a source for this? I can’t find anything about getting it for free, only being able to ride it in the Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge (but you have to buy it with Drops to keep it).

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That’s exactly what’s happened to me tonight.
Spent an hour trying to connect it,
Running Zwift on iPhone X latest iOS
Tacx flux2

Didn’t work:-( Still not downloading to Strava today or files that can be manually uploaded.

STRYDE foot pod no longer is seen by ride app. Cant use it for cadence. Still is seen in run mode.

Yeah same for me too.

The actual segments were correct but the display on the left showed the higher power for both under and over sections.

This update is garbage. Why are we testing your awful update? That’s your job. I’ve had Zwift for two years and you guys haven’t improved anything. As soon as there’s more competition in this business I’m jumping ship. I can promise you that.


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