Treadmill Mode Issues After March 1 Update

After the 3/1 update it took Zwift a loooonnnng time to find my milepost foot pod.  It worked for the first 23 minutes but, where Zwift was always within 0.1 MPH of my pace (sometimes faster sometimes slower) pre-update, it was  on average 0.2 MPH slower than my pace and much more erratic.  After 23 minutes, the speed never varied but, the distance continued (did I lose the bluetooth connection??). 

And…what is the daily target feature and how do you use it?

All in all…I really like it and since I cycle and run on alternate days it works perfectly for me.

Oh…and it rained on Watopia :slight_smile:



ok…clicked on the daily target…doh!


But…ran again and my average pace today was 7:50 min/mi on a treadmill set for 7:30 min/mi.  Prior to the update, the average pace when I ran on the treadmill set for 7:30 on Zwift was 7:35.  My setup for both runs was identical.  Could anything have changed on your end?