Pace bug in running mode?

(Stephane Jeffrey) #1

 I’m trying out the running module on a PC for the first time.

I know this is in pre-beta mode but I think there’s a bug that might be easy to fix for the devs.  I’m using a Garmin Footpod and everything is setup in KMs.  Zwift is also setup in KMs.  I use a walking treamill when I work so it’s a very slow pace.  The pace display on watch vs Zwift were very different.  When I had 22:30 on my watch Zwift was displaying about 36:00.  I did some quick math and 22:30 minutes/KM is 36:12 minutes/Mile.

It seems Zwift is doing some weird conversion of the pace data sent by the footpod.

Edit: looking at my treadmill speed and converting to min/km Zwift does actually report the min/mil for Metric and it does a conversion when switching to imperial to make the number even higher.

(Thomas Viteau) #2

Works for me on PC + Ant+ footpod. But the distance and speed are not good. My garmin with a footpod says 8km, my treadmill says 8,2 km and zwift says 5.7km. i’m a turtle on zwift when i run 14km/h on my treadmill.
My girlfriend has the same problem
Maybe a miles/km conversion problem

(Stephane Jeffrey) #3

It appears so.  I logged a ticket so I could supply my logs.

In the logs it is recorded correctly.  Looks like the data is sent as MPH and minutes/mile.  Zwift must assume it’s minutes/km hence the conversion issue.