Zwift Running

(Paul Earnshaw) #1

 Hi, tried Zwift running today via a windows pc but speeds did not match.

For example I was running at 10kmh according to my treadmill and Garmin forerunner (which I know are accurate) but zwift was registering only 6.5kmh.

I am using a garmin footpod connected to a windows pc via a tacx ant+ dongle.

Any ideas how I can calibrate so they match or any solution to the problem would be helpful.

I know running via the windows o/s has just been enabled so maybe this is a glitch I don’t know.

(Paul Allen) #2

Zwift running has not been release yet, not even for beta testing. Yes you can access it, but that does not mean it is supported.

This is what Nick LaVeaux  from Zwift has said:

“The running option isn’t officially in beta yet. It’s available to experiment and toy around with, but the official release will not be until a bit later - there’s no timeframe for its release. It is still in development.”

(Paul Earnshaw) #3

That’s what I am doing playing around with it. Just wondered if anyone had a solution to the speed difference.