Treadmill help


I’m looking to purchase my first treadmill and need some help deciding due to the vast amount of choice.

Looking to connect up to zwift via foot pods or Runn once treadmill is purchased.

Budget - £1k-£1500
Height - 6’2 (long stride)
Based in the UK
Doesn’t need to be folding

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks


Go for the biggest CHP motor you can get as this will provide a more stable pace.

I prefer a wider, longer running deck as I tend to run like a gazelle at times. If you’re more controlled then fine.

Think about top end speed. If you’re going to do interval work you’ll need something capable of going quicker than if you’re just putting in long endurance runs. Avoid anything limited to 10mph.
Unless you’re getting a Stryd dont bother with a footpod. Grossly inaccurate.
The Runn is a decent option but can be a pain to calibrate.
With your budget you are in smart treadmill territory.
Noble Pro do a couple in your budget although they’re on pre order.

Thanks Stuart. Appreciate your help.

Can I ask what treadmill you use? The noble elite e8i looks like a possible choice and seems to have some good reviews.

What running deck minimum would you suggest? I have quite long strides too so am concerned about flying off the back!

I’m using a NordicTrack T10 paired with a NPE RUNN.

The deck is around 50 x 140. I’ve clipped the edge a few times but that’s because I’m running injured and leaning to one side. Never come close to going off the back, even when walking when doing long strides.

If I had my time again I’d go Noble Pro simply because of the Zwift connectivity. You can also download an app called Speed Transmitter. If you are running at a constant pace you tell the app what speed you are running and it sends it to Zwift. You can adjust it up or down also. It can also link via your Garmin watch. Costs a couple of quid so much cheaper than a pod or a Runn if you go for a dumb trainer.

Great for constant pace runs or even if you only adjust pace a couple of times. I run it on an old phone so I don’t mind sweaty fingers touching it.