Noble Pro treadmill. Recommend?

Hi Everyone

I am thinking of purchasing a Noble Pro treadmill. Does anyone have one and if so, would they recommend?

If not have you other recommendations? Also looking at the JTX Sprint 7 - which seems similar but with less technology.

Will be used daily for a minimum of two runs by a growing teen and an adult (teen is quick and getting quicker by the day…adult is not). Need a decent sized running track to accommodate long legs. Teen usually runs outside.

Would be great if auto linked to Zwift - but can be persuaded on footpod if more future proof (or reliable).

Any help greatly received - it will be my first home treadmill! Exciting times :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your help in advance.

I found out about the Noble Pro just after I bought my dumb treadmill. Had I had known I might have taken the plunge. That said they are and have been for months on Pre-Order so not sure when you can expect one.

The spec is good with a decent motor and good sized running deck.

I would have been happy to purchase one.