Treadmill Purchase

Hi all

Looking to buy a treadmill and wondering if anyone can recommend which ones maybe best and what I will require extra wise?

Based in East Yorkshire, UK.

Budget around £500

Will be used a couple of times a week by myself to compliment my cycling and HITT workouts.

Mainly want to improve my sprints, but im not a fit runner

I’m afraid your budget is at the low end of anything half decent.
For that price i would look for a 2nd hand option on a better spec machine. Luckily treadmill pierces 2nd are very low so you’ll get something in budget.

You’ll also have to consider additional costs such as a device to send speed/cadence to Zwift as again at that price point you’ll not get a smart treadmill.

Or you could consider an interest free option on a new one if you don’t have sufficient funds up front.

I’m an ambassador for NoblePro so can steer you in the right direction.

If you’re in East Yorkshire you’re probably just across the Humber from me if you wanted to see my treadmill in action to see how good the NoblePro is.

You have probably already seen but info from Zwift below:

Thanks I am just concerned that im not sure I will use it a great deal and is it to big of an outlay to risk. Whereabouts are you based? Im near Hornsea