Home Treadmill

Good morning

I am looking into potentially buying a treadmill for home and after a bit of advice. Any recommendations? I have been recommended the new Technogym MYRUN treadmill. It looks fantastic but a little pricey.

I am an age grouper triathlete and currently do the majority of my running outside. I have two young children though so often need to train later on in the evening. I have a turbo set up in the garage which I use a lot and I think having a treadmill in there would be beneficial.

Any recommendations or advice? I have a Stryd footpod and an avid user of Zwift.

Thanks in advance.


This link could be helpful: https://zwift.com/news/15211-choosing-a-treadmill-that-works-with-zwift

I just use a ProForm Pro 2000 with a Stryd and it works great.

I got proform 1000 and love it.