Which treadmills are people having good success with?

Looking to purchase a treadmill that will hopefully work with Zwift. Is there a treadmill that people recommend? I understand that it must have a CSAFE connection.  I would prefer a decently priced residential treadmill over an expensive commercial treadmill.

I might be wrong here… but if you are using a properly calibrated foot pod (I use Garmin) and a HRM  you should be good with any treadmill. Unlike smart trainers, Zwift won’t be controlling speed and incline on treadmill (like resistance on smart trainers). Imagine the lawsuits from people who swore they could run  5:30 intervals…

I use a Milestone foot pod and CooSPo heart rate monitor with an Apple TV 4K to run Zwift in run mode.  I set the speed to my desired rate and then just hit the quick access incline buttons to match the incline on Zwift.

Works brilliantly.