Smart Treadmill vs Treadmill with Runn or Zpods - UK

My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a leisure building that we will be using as a gym.

We really like the idea of a treadmill with Zwift, and using a bike with Wahoo Snap.

We like the look of the Branx Fitness Foldable Runner Treadmill as it has a lot of 5 star reviews. We would either purchase it with a pair of zpods each, or one Runn device. Which would be best, the two pairs of zwiftpods or the runn device?

Only thing I have against this treadmill is it isn’t smart, and would I regret not getting a smart one? Because of lockdown we’re finding it difficult to find any treadmill in the uk under £1,500 that is Smart and also consistence good reviews like the one I found.

Do the smart treadmills change incline whilst running within zwift? Or will they be the same as running on a standard treadmill with Runn?

Is there a uk list of zwift treadmills?

Thank you. hope to be joining you all soon.

No treadmill will change the incline for you when linked to Zwift. Too much of a liability that they don’t want to take. The only difference is a smart treadmill will broadcast its belt speed to Zwift so you don’t need a foot pod.

For a list of compatible smart treadmills check out this link ->

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Pick a treadmill you like and get a Runn. This is the best option in terms of flexibility and accuracy - smart treadmills just broadcast the set speed regardless of belt calibration. The Runn will always broadcast accurate speed.

Currently there are no treadmills that are pace/incline controlled by zwift (despite other apps being able to do this).

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