Treadmill speed thing?

Hi all, just bought a life fitnesses treadmill but it’s not zwift compatible. I believe there is a gadget to make it so. Where can I buy one ? Thanks

Thanks. Before I buy one. Are they any good and has anyone got one second hand for sale ?

It works great for me. But it is not my main device in the moment. So I can’t give a detailed feedback.There are different experiences with the runn sensor. Just check the forums or YouTube. The good thing is it also counts incline. Alternative u can go for a footpod. It is cheaper.

Thanks, I have a foot pod and like it but find it can be a bit temperamental. Nothing worse than standing on the start line. The barrier goes up and your avatar is stood there like a lemon :joy:

I had the same lemon issue :wink: with the footpod. Especially when I was in a hurry it just didn’t worked. Now I use my F85 Sole Treadmill for speed and the wahoo tickr x for cadence. The runn is my backup. I also use the run for hill runs.

Well, just ordered the run. Mixed reviews on YouTube so will see. Cheapest place to buy it is from Zwift :+1: