Treadmill doesn't pair to Win10. Also has a mind of its own?

Hi I am new to zwift and already sick of not being able to chill out and run/race in world.
my set up is
nople elite 8i treadmill that has wifi and FTMS Bluetooth
using zwift on laptop with windows 10 download version
zwift cant find my treadmill using laptop Bluetooth ( firmware version HCI 8.4352 LMP 8.4352 ) which I believe is 4.0
So I use companion app to bridge from android phone. Great now I can find my treadmill and get into the world, BUT now every time I come to an incline, decline ( I am guessing this is what courses it) my treadmill starts doing its own things speed and incline start to go to max and the only way to stop this is the pull the safety code put it back in.
No idea what the â– â– â– â–  is going on considering every search I have done to find out if its happened to others or fixes I need to do, and all that I can find is people saying no zwift cant control the speed and incline of a treadmill ( well not in my case haha)

Any help or advice greatly welcome as I am losing patients with it now literally just had to drop out of a 10k race as within the first half mile I had to jump off the treadmill and pull code 3 times

@chris_duggan welcome to Zwift forums.

I want to reiterate what others have said - Zwift does not control the speed and incline changes of a treadmill. Please contact the tread manufacturer to ask what might be causing this.

Regarding the Windows10 machine not being able to find the tread’s Bluetooth signal - it’s possible that the Win10 is missing a programming framework that’s needed for BLE to work correctly.

Assuming that Windows machine has a 64 bit processor, download and install the file called vc_redist.x64.exe from Microsoft’s support site:


Thanks a lot that solved the problem now my laptop connects to the treadmill no problem and while running in game my treadmill doesn’t go nuts putting the speed to max as soon as I hit an incline. But there is a setting that you can adjust in zwift for gradient effort that works with my treadmill I tested it today and works great. the noble pro elite 8i will auto increase the incline to match the in game gradient level which I think is a great feature.
Thanks for the quick response and good advice.

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There is a trainer difficulty for biking. But I can’t find anything in the running settings menu for gradient effort (immediately rushed to my treadmill to check :)). Where did you find this setting.

Hey @chris_duggan

I found a trouble ticket that describes where Noble Pro treads respond to gradient changes when it’s not supposed to. We may need to contact our counterparts there to sort it out.

Would you mind sending us the log files from your windows computer? Here’s how to locate your logs.

When you send them, please reference ticket # HDWINT-1766 and ask to add your logs to that? Thanks!

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