Training with Crohns and Colitis

So I was diagnosed over 6 years ago with both crohn’s and colitis. Being on immune suppression therapy makes going to a gym a potential safety issue I found it hard to train during winter months.
Since I found Zwift and started training both running and cycling with it I find myself motivated once again to train hard.
I hope to keep sharing here my progress and other topics related to training with zwift with my disease.

Hi Chris! Great to hear that’s Zwift’s enabling you to train where you otherwise might not be able to. Keep it up, and Ride On!


Well done Chris. I have been suffering from crohns for a number of years and is very painful. Medication can u leave u feeling very tired and lacking energy. I love my cycling but going out can be challenging at times but zwift has helped me continuing to ride. Ride on and keep up the good work

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Not sure I’m entering this in the right way, but I’m still new to this.

I hope to start chronicling my journey which I hope will someday culminate in a Kona participation. It’s my dream to complete the full Ironman there in my lifetime.

Battling Crohn’s and Colitis while working towards this goal will be a great challenge and I hope that others will share their experiences on their journey’s as well who also suffer from this disease as an inspiration to those who have this debilitating condition and think that they cannot do it. You can! I’ve successfully run a couple of marathons, I’ve completed the Dopey Challenge at the Disney Marathon and triathlon will be my next accomplishment to ‘kick Crohn’s in the teeth’ so to say. :slight_smile:

Well, just word last Friday that I will start my final option of medication, Stelara, this upcoming Wednesday. Hopefully that will cause my flare to settle and I can continue training