Training Load and Covid

Hi All,
there is a good article on training load with a view to keeping healthy and boosting your immune system as opposed to taxing your immune system.


It has been a subject that has been on my mind the last few days.
Hope that someone finds it helpful.
“Zwift On”

Thanks @_Troy, the race I was training for was canceled/postponed until October so I feel like I can reduce my training load for now, good to see some science behind it to keep me motivated through this time!

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As someone who my government is urging to “self isolate” for 12 weeks (asthmatic, get a flu jab each winter), I’m going to miss my daily commute to work. That’s 24km per day I’m losing.

I’ll have to try and get more Zwift time in order to compensate.

But it’s harder to hold back on Zwift than it is on a ride to work…