How about a Covid-19 challenge?

Hey Zwift Central and all,

So for those of us who’ve been on here a while, we have none of the 3 challenges left to complete. So how about introducing a new challenge, x workouts per week, x min interval per workout, any cat, just to keep us focused, while this stuff happens? Simply a regular challenge bi-daily to complete over a month (ie 22k) with a jersey (or even better new shoes) if you do it?

There’s a lot of new zwifters here, as well as a lot of old timers. Something else to keep us safe indoors, a cool down for the C and above and a incentive for the newer bods

Not sure of the :roll_eyes: cheers Eric, I’ll just go back to being one of the left out wondering why there’s only 3 challenges and where all the decent 0630 GMT workouts have gone. Offer constructive criticism, get shot down, it’s the brave new world…

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Ok understood. Again my comment relates to an old problem like my comment on the challenges, where GMT workout plans disappeared 8+ months ago (the Rowe+ King rides, which were ace), I guess this was due to professional rider reasons. Generally the schedule seems to have slipped over 12 months ago, my suggestion was to offer a fresh incentive its not a criticism of event leaders

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Having finished the three challenges yonks ago it would be nice to have a fourth challenge. However, I think by the time this idea gains traction and was implemented people would be like “covid what?”

Seems like they have moved away from the “perpetually available challenges” model and are more inclined to do the kind of challenges that are only available for certain time periods.