Long Covid & Zwift

Anyone on here keeping on Zwifting with Long Covid? Maybe you might fancy a social ride and chat on how you’re managing?

I’ve had covid 4 or 5 times including March 2020 before any vaccinations. Chronic but fluctuating heart and inflammation issues - palpitations, elevated HR, reduced FTP plus covid toes, joint issues, weird skin sensations too.

It comes and goes - in that time I’ve vEverested with 9 x AdZ in 12 hours, ridden 300 miles off road over 3 days on the South Downs Way in southern England. But can’t run a lot of the time (HR just too high - makes it a hateful experience), and every time I think I’m getting back to fitness a cold or flu knocks all the symptoms up to max.

Thought there must be some other folk on here struggling too… Say hi if you are! I find other people’s experiences of Long Covid really helpful. :slight_smile:

Almost 2 years for me. Lost taste/smell and it really hasn’t come back right still. I went from being able to hike 10+ miles a day to barely being able to do a couple hundred feet. Suffered from PEMS (post exertional malaise for about a year after that). Headaches nearly every day. Headaches and most of the PEMS has gone away but my HR does still tend to be on the high side. I seem to hit my max HR really fast and tend to be in Zone 4 no matter what I do. Using Zwift to try some Zone 2 training to keep my HR down but have been enjoying some group rides too! Just ‘friended’ you on the companion app.


Hey Ellie, thanks. Lots of similarities. One thing that keeps me positive is it’s always changing, so always feels like improvement is possible. Some weeks/months can be nearly normal…

Followed you back :slight_smile:

I had {something} in February/March 2022. That was during the shortage of test kits in the US, and the closest place I could get a same day result test was over 40 minutes away.
I had aches, bad cough, fever. It might have been COVID. It might have been bronchitis. I tried to do some exercising, and while I was riding, it wasn’t bad, but after I finished, I’d sit and cough violently for 10 minutes. It was a dry cough.
Those symptoms went away after a few days, but for months, I just didn’t have the energy to do more than 20 or 30 minutes on the bike. I was doing some walking, and saw improvements over time there, but cycling was still a challenge.
Late August, my ride partner stuck with me on a 2 1/2 hour ride, pushing me along, and it seemed like that broke the back on the fatigue.
My power and speed are better than before the illness.
I hope you can get over the hump, whatever it is that ails you.