COVID and Zwift

Our local cycling club had a New Years Day century ride. Weather was good, good group of riders.
Now, we’ve been told that one of the riders became ill Sunday night - chills, fever, nausea, aches - the whole works. He went to be tested, only to be told there were no more “quick test” kits available. The doctor does suspect he has Covid-19, but until the results come back in 3 days, he has to self quarantine at home, in bed.
Now, EVERYONE on the ride has been told they must self quarantine for 14 days to see if they develop any symptoms. Think about it. If he had coughed or sneezed while pulling at the front, everyone behind him was potentially exposed while he was contagious.
It looks like Zwift for me, and no group rides until this pandemic is over with once and for all.

Thanks for sharing this personal story. I’m with you but this is a hotly debated topic. Locally I still see lots of group rides and while the potential for spread is present it also depends on the size of the group and probably more on the social activity during the stops then during the ride. Without relevant data it’s all a bit unknown. It is too bad that our national cycling governing bodies can not provide more specific guidance on virus spread within a cycling group. The best guidance that I have heard is to not share someone else’s air. So if you are in any situation where you could breathe in someone else’s air then you are at risk.

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