Apres ride?

So, with this whole global pandemic thing, and USA Cycling sending out an email suggesting we only train indoors, can in addition to the rides/races we currently have, is there any way there could be a ‘cafe’ added for groups to hang out and have a virtual coffee and cake and chat after the ride?

Hi @Steve_Murphy2, welcome.

An interesting difference between the USA and the UK (in my case). Here the advice is no group riding but still take exercise.
Some of the groups have websites typically Facebook pages. If you join Zwiftpower and search for the events there, the Description gives a lot more detail including any website.

Thanks Richard. I’ll have a look.

I was envisioning something a little more Zwift/avatar like (with coffee and cake) - maybe get a large coffee chain to sponsor it - where people could hang out and chat real time before virtual ride home…but I guess facebook page could do…

I like the sound of your idea and it would work for rides without an associated site.