Covid-19 Plea

Please can we avoid all the chatter about Covid-19 while riding? One of the joys for me when on the bike is I can forget about bills, customers, Covid-19 etc. and just enjoy the riding and ride-related chatter. Happy to see comments here as it easy for me to choose to read or not. While riding not so easy.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to try and dictate what people are allowed to talk about. It’s a big issue in people’s lives, and making jokes about it is how some people deal with the situation. Talking about it can be stress-relieving for some, as much as it’s stress-inducing for you.

You could put in a feature request for them to add “covid”, “covid-19”, “caronavirus”, “carona” and the like to the language filter. That way you can enable the filter and at least have those words hidden.


Yes, I take your point and to me a request isn’t trying to dictate. I wouldn’t want to stop free speech, far too many people died so I could say what I like, but aren’t there plenty of other places, like here?

When out riding in the real world some groups agree on non-topics like religion, politics etc. so just my request.

Yours is a cool solution, who is “them”, please?

Dictate was too strong a word, I agree.

By “them” I meant Zwift. You could post a Feature Request for them to add some words to the profanity filter here:

Of course, they’re not really profane or offensive, so it might not get far. But I think anything else is whispering in a hurricane. You’ll reach a tiny, tiny proportion of Zwifters here. Even if we all agreed, the majority out on Zwift will never see the plea.

Thanks Daren, unless the list is something I can edit expect the answer would be no, like you say not profane or offensive. I also agree it is a tiny tiny proportion of Zwifters here. Pity as I think they are missing out.

I agree! Facebook, while popular, is really bad at so many things. The algorithm that decides what you get to see, for example.

I drop links to this forum in Facebook whenever they’re relevant. Hopefully over time more people will find it. One of the problems with separate forums has historically been the need to create a separate account, but since anyone on Zwift has a Zwift/forum account already, that’s less of a problem.


I created a newsgroup once (alt.comics.2000ad). It’s mostly spam and velveeta now.

Indeed the same login is important to me, which is why this is one of the very few I actually use. Some suppliers have them and it annoys me when I’m told we have that in the forum, I go there and have the register etc. And Facebook/Twitter hate them, all those ads and posts for stuff I don’t want.


Richard, I’m completely with you! I’ve decided that if chatter starts about it (and seems to be going on), I’m going to turn off the in-game chat during that ride. A little sucky for me as I enjoy participating in the group ride and group workout conversations, but I’d rather not be social every once in a while than feel bummed by discussion in Zwift about something that’s already overwhelming my life. Like you, I Zwift partly as a reprieve from “real life” issues and problems.

In case you’re unaware of how to remove the ability to see the messaging while you ride, you can do this once you’re logged in. Go to Menu > Settings. There you’ll see the option to turn off in-game chat.


Thanks Sophie and I will do the same as you if it gets too much.