Does Training Hard Impact Immune System

Nice video by Dylan Johnson titled “Should We Keep Riding Through the Coronavirus Pandemic? The Science”. He also discusses why countries are restricting outdoor activities around 6:07.

I’ve heard and read about the immune system being compromised during training. Everyone is different, but thought this was very interesting. Of course, use your own judgement and listen to your body. Stay safe, healthy and ride on!

Watched this also! Very relevant info in regards to the world we live in right now. Well done!

I have not watched that one yet but I will. From what I have always been told very high training load will comprise your immune system. There is only so much stress your body can take.

I agree with Vincent, it is well known that when you push your body too hard, your immune systemsabilities reduces.

“Pushing too hard” is not always physical it can be caused by stress/ work related issues.