New Discussion Category: Ask a Fitness Expert

Could we have a new discussion category were kind athletes who know their stuff can answer some questions to clueless people like me:
(I know I can google this, but the answers won’t be specific enough)

For example:

  • how can I manage to train really hard and still have energy to work…
  • Why does my FTP still suck if I train daily?
  • Do others sweat as much as I do?
  • Why does my hear rate stay lower than when I run, even though I’m going at my max on my bike?
  1. You don’t do hard workouts everyday. You should keep the 80/20 rule in mind when training (80 should be Z1/Z2 and the rest can be the higher Zones). Never do back to back days with hard workouts, this is a recipe for disaster. Recovery (sleep) is where the gains are made.

  2. No idea how long you have been train, so no way to answer that question.

  3. Yes, and a fan(s) help a bunch

  4. 2 different exercises and workloads. Mine is lower for biking as well, but when I add power (Stryd) they appear very close.

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Thank you Paul, that actually helps a lot.

  1. I’ve been zwifting for a year, one week on and the next week running, and repeat that. Before that, running and spinning for about ten years. (I’m 37)
  2. I guess I will get one more fan then, see if I notice any change :slight_smile:
  3. I will see if I can get one of those Stryd things, could be nice to compare power data as well.

There is a long standing mantra that i always remember when it comes to fitness and performance.

“You can’t over train but you can under recover.”

Maybe your energy levels and static FTP are symptoms of you not allowing your body to recover from the workload.

  1. Rest and nutrition. Ensure you have rest days scheduled in to your training plan. I ride 4/5 days a week, but never on Mondays (recover from weekend rides) or Fridays (recover from weekday rides). Eating the right food at the right time will allow your body to perform and recover correctly. Pre ride carbs and post ride proteins is a loose rule in our household.

  2. Training daily is not very descriptive. If you are riding hard everyday then you body will acrue fatigue and breakdown rather then make gains. As already noted, schedule rest/ easy days in to your training plan.
    I will contradict Paul regarding back to back hard days. There is nothing wrong with training hard several days in a row. However you must offset those hard days with easy days. Usually twice the number of easy days compared to hard days (3 hard workouts = 6 easy/ recovery days).
    Example, i work to 6 week rotations. Week 1=easy, recovery, social rides. Ramping up through intensity to week 6 which every ride (4 rides) is hard. I then return to a week or 10 days of easy rides to allow the training load to take effect before ramping up again. I made 8% gains to my FTP over 12 weeks last winter using this process.

  3. Some people sweat, some don’t. Just ensure that you are replaceing those liquids and minerals. A good electrolyte drink will keep you topped up and could also assist your post ride energy levels.

Not everyone is the same so research and try out different things. Keep notes as to what works for you and make adjustments as required. Remember that the internet has some good and plain awful advice.