10-12 Wk FTP Improver - Wk7 Day 4 fail - advice please

All going well - Started on Wk 3 and have completed all rides to plan… Until today! Wk 7 day 4 = 90 mins with last 30 mins involving 4x5mins at FTP with 2 mins rest.  Managed the first 5 mins but that was it - HR maxing out, could not hold a decent cadence. 

So what to do for the best?  Should I re-do Wk 7, back class further to Week 6?, have a couple of days rest and repeat Wk 7 Day 4?? Carry on regardless.

Any advice appreciated.


Hi D

Don’t be too concerned that performance is not matching prescribed levels. There could be many reasons why you couldn’t hold this session, that your progress stumbles at times is to be expected.

I would recommend continuing at Wk 7 day 4 and see how you go.

Ride On!

personally i’d take rest days first and then continue.

prescribed weekly schedules dont take into account personal recovery rate, additional stresses from other activities, sleep, diet, etc.

another idea could be to do a recovery week every 4th week where you cut training intensity down to half or so.

you might find it helpful to read about weekly training stress score (tss) and periodization.


Thank you both for your thoughts and advice.

I will now take a few days rest then pick up on the Day 3 (relatively easy) before getting back onto Day 4. 

On reflection I guess I had to be either ill, fatigued or trying for a level beyond my capability.  There are no signs of illness and I had the FTP set at the value I achieved at the start of the programme, so fatigue, as you both suggest, was most likely. 

A periodic recovery week sounds like a good idea and will read up on TSS.

Thanks again, your support is much appreciated.

Don’t over look the “Days of Rest” suggestion.


There are only 2 criticisms that I have noted concerning Zwift (and they are both because Zwift is so good).

  1. It is very easy to over train using Zwift and

  2. It is very easy to suffer perineal neuropathy (groin numbness ETC) because we tend to stay seated more when using Zwift.

Rest is good.

Ride On, after resting!