Workout "4wk FTP Booster" - 7 days per week?


i’m new on Swift and i decided to try out the “4wk FTP Booster”-Workout. I’ve completed the first 3 sessions, it was very nice :wink:

My problem: i can not ride 7 days per week. But there is mentioned:

Don’t forget it’s fine to miss a day. Just continue with the planned training when this happens.

What would you do here: leave out (miss) the session comepletely and do the next planned session? Or do the next session after 1 or 2 days break. This strategy would end in more than 4 weeks, but this wouldn’t be a problem for me.

What do you think?

Best regards
Daniel :slight_smile:

I would do the next session even after a missed day. I don’t know only if you’ll be possible, after week ends you usally go to next week sessions.

I thought the same - I was expecting a 4 week plan to have recovery days built into it like any plan I’ve done outside of Zwift.
This seems to want to push riders into over training which is not good.

If I have rest days during the week will I reduce the effect of the training from the previous day(s)?


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I would think the FTP booster is for riders that already do more than 450 TSS per week in training. There workouts only average about 65TSS per workout so that is about 450TSS per week.

I would not suggest a new rider do this program, you should first work up to that 400-500 TSS per week range.

When picking a training plan look at what your weekly TSS is and then pick something in that range.

Thanks - is there a guide to all of this? I found the training info a bit lacking for a newbie :slight_smile:

I found Joe friel’s book very helpful.


I did a 4 week (well 3 weeks, 1 week recovery) training programme called School of Flog. One race, 4 very intensive workouts, 1 rest day, 1 endurance day.

Most brutal thing I’ve ever done in my life, but bumped my FTP around 15w.

I think there’s value in short intensive programmes, but I am by no means an expert on the matter.

This was the highlight. Also broke me for about 2 weeks :rofl:

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