New 4 Week FTP Boost Program


I’m fairly new to Zwift/Riding and would like to do this program. But also still ride outside twice a week. The program goes for 6 days each week. Is there a way around this?



Might be better to follow one of the longer training plans as they don’t require as many days during the week.

If you observe some of the workouts in week one. The author suggests you can skip workouts but just continue as planned. For example, the endurance ride scheduled 4 days in is a good way to get outdoors. 

Personally, if you do group rides or race outdoors I would recommend keeping your handling and familiarity with the bike in tune with a few outdoor rides a week. 

I started the 4 week plan last week and feel stronger already. It is great not having to think of what to do next. It will be a great transition to cx season for me.

Appreciate both your replies guys.


I just finished this program, I took the ftp test yesterday. Here’s the workout

I think that I kept my power over 150 through out that 20 min, I thought that I probably raised my ftp. It’s a surprise to see this


Somehow I can’t upload the image, it says 



We’ve detected an increase in your power (FTP). Would you

       like to us to update your profile?

Previous                Now

138W       -->>       126W

         OH YEAH


It’s pretty funny when I saw it popped up. :slight_smile: . Is there a bug somewhere?

At any rate, I did another ftp test today (the 45 min one). The new FTP is 148W, which made me feel a little better.