Workout question?


Sorry if i post in wrong section of the forum,i just start with zwift.

After 20 years, this summer i decide to get back on the bike. My perfomance was very poor at that time ( ftp 65/70). 2 months later i manage to get around 125-130. Maybe i could do more, but the only time i can get out and ride is after work. Anyway, i am happy, better something than nothing.

My plan is to start with ftp build up workout…and question is…would it be too much for my body if i do 2 rides per day? One in the morning, and other one in the evening? One will be workout,another one just ride without pressure.

Any suggestion welcome and thank you!


Hi there,

What would you be trying to achieve by doing two rides a day? If it is fitting in the rides in your schedule that you otherwise can not manage then it is sometimes accepted as a solution. When I am busy at work (I’m an exercise physiologist at a university) I will do some easy miles commuting to work and do a session on the way back (running).

If you are planning two workouts a day to get fitter by increasing your volume, I would advise you against it. You will overstrain yourself and your body will throw up a protest. It is much better to follow a reasonable training plan closely and respect the load of work it suggests (including the rest days).

As you get fitter and if you are preparing for a long event, then increasing your volume gradually over time will at some point require two sessions in a day. Athletes who build up for a full distance triathlon, for example, will regularly have 3-4 double days in their schedule. But even training for a Marathon would not really require any double days (unless of course your chasing an elite entry).

Take it steady and climb slowly. There are no fast solutions in the adaptation of the human body.

Thank you for quick reply

Maybe i put my question wrong way…
I am not going to do 2 workouts in a day, no way. What i want to know. If i, do the workout in the morning, and later in the evening if i do ride of 45-60 min without any pressure,no pushing,nothing,just enjoying some time riding, would it in some way destroy, or slow down the process of the training?

Potentially yes. For you to get the most of your workouts your body needs to have some time to recover. When I’m in training for a Marathon (I run between 3:10 and 3:20) I do: Rest, session, easy, session, easy long, easy, long (Monday to Sunday).

On the other hand, try it! If you feel that you are too tired on your workouts, cut down. If you are fine on your workouts, either continue and enjoy, or start working a little harder on your workouts :wink:

I will, thank you for your respond and time!