Training plan schedule time


After several issues with training plan schedules, i made a screenshot with one of them:

Sunday 28th june, i was expecting to made next day the last of my dirt destroyer trainng plan…but after having a lot of issues with “do by” and “available” times, i prepared evidences… this screenshot is taken sunday:

On next day (monday 29th) , this workout is not available! On the other hand this time, Companion worked rigth and informed the real time, and showed the real end-time for this workout.

Please, make an “effort” to resolve these common issues with training plans, we’re a lot o people suffering these silly errors (timed out errors, vague starting/ending time,etc…)

So I started the Dirt Destroyer. Twice. Apparently they start on Monday… Not so. When I commenced i had week 1 day 1 available monday morning 4am my time according to the schedule. So I just did the one of the optional lead in rides and it’s pushed out my Monday sart to Tuesday. Seriously? When the prompts in the training says to plan your training… it is impossible for everyday people to plan something that actually doesn’t let you. There has to be a better way. Maybe open up each week of training to be able to pick and choose when they can do it. If this is based on time zones then it isn’t actually working. When something says it was going to unlock at a time (the reason I pressed the commence button when I did) then it should unlock.