Dirt Destroyer - rest days?

Ive just started the Dirt Destroyer workout plan for an upcoming race (my first).

I looked at a couple different training plans outside of Zwift as well (Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, etc) but ultimately decided on DD because it seems easier to track the metrics and stay within the power and cadence guidelines of each training day on Zwift… as opposed to trying to monitor, and fiddle with buttons on, my Garmin Epix 2.

Unlike virtually every other plan I looked at, DD does not seem to schedule rest days on specific days. Instead there are say 4 workouts a week in the plan. Do I just take off when I feel like it? Im new to training, but I imagine there is a reason a lot of plans have rest days on specific days.

Thoughts? What did those of you who used DD do?


Hi @Dustin_McQuate! Welcome to the Forums, I’m Norman from Zwift.

If you’re starting out in the training environment, the most important thing is that you feel like you’re not overdoing it and challenging your body a little too much.

Take breaks whenever you feel like you need it, the hard thing is to have the discipline to get back at it so do your best! Just remember that you need to complete Dirt Destroyer in 7 weeks or by June 26, 2024, to achieve your goals! Excluding the 2 additional weeks of flexibility.

Thanks Norman, this is helpful info.
I tend to like structure so just wanted to make sure I was following the plan as close as possible in order to reap the most benefits. I’ll rest when I feel I need it, or after days with a higher TSS. And I’ll add in outside trail rides on the “unstructured” days or when there may be fewer workouts in a week. Im racing 25 miles so I’ll be sure to get in some 25ish mile rides outside when I can.

Please let me know if any of the above sounds wrong and you have other suggestions.

Thanks again!