Singletrack Slayer, or is it?

I signed up to this training plan at the weekend having completed and enjoyed the Dirt Destroyer plan back in Feb. I’ve been riding the Zwift MTB pretty much since I started and want to continue to do so.

First proper session this afternoon, “Back to Basics”, imagine the disappointment as I get welcomed to the “Dirt Destroyer” training plan, and continue to read, pretty much, all the same info, prompts and questions from that plan, typos and grammatical errors included.

I’m the last person to moan, really I am (honest, I’m British…), but this just smacked as lazy and really disappointing. I’ll see the plan through, as I want some structure back in my training rides, i just hope it’s not all an extended repetition of DD. :roll_eyes:

Hi Jonathan,

we are on the same track. I completed the Dirt Destroyer few weeks ago and train now in the third week of the Singletrack Slayer.
I can only say, go for it!
For me it really differs from DD. The workouts are different and focus on some more specific topics. I think it’s only the first workout which is copy paste. Sure, some are similar but not many. During the workouts I really enjoy the „Science session“ during the workouts as many theoretical background is given. Kev Poulton did a great job. Enjoy the plan!

Hey Volker, thanks for the reply. I’ve done the first two sessions of Wk1 now and yes, i agree, theyre good workouts and different from DD.

Maybe I was a little harsh in my first judgement, when i’m wrong, i’ll say i’m wrong. :blush: It’s still a shame that first introduction is from Dirt Destroyer but things get much better after that. :slight_smile:

Just finishnig up my first week of Singletrack Slayer. I do like the interval training here and keeps me working physically and mentally. Though this program has you working out everyday. I’ve done planned workouts by personal coaches before and they also had me do endurance rides from 2-4 hours couple times a week and have a day of rest. I can see this plan for those that don’t have 8+ hours to train each week but I would think a rest day is important. I’ll modify my training weeks but will definitely do 4-5 of these workouts a week.

Do you all modify your weekly schedules? Gotta get out on the trail sometime right?

I binned the plan off in the end, combo of missing a few sessions but also wanted to ride outside more over summer. Plan to pick it back up again come winter. How’s it going for you?

The plan was great. I completed it with only few missed workouts. Some only because of time problems.
I think it’s good to have a time window to follow the plan but sometimes I missed it by only 30minutes and the training was gone and I had to do an alternative. Very annoying.
With kids and family life a bit more flexibility is needed.
I skipped few endurance or tempo sessions to do outdoor rides. But not that many.
Towards the end of the 10 weeks I really felt the fatigue. But I tried to stick to the plan. For me it would be too hard to do the plan right before an A race (as it is in the description). I needed a rest week after the plan. Though the FTP improvement was significant after that. So I‘m very happy with the plan.

Additionally I would love to have the individual workouts available in the library. These a brilliant.

I would also like to have a MTB Cross Country Marathon plan which prepares for a 3-4h race.

Same here! I am unable to sign up for the Plans due to race season. I would love to try the workouts from plans (many from Singletrack Slayer) without creating my own custom workout. An export workout / import to Custom folder would be a workable option for me.