Recommended training for after Dirt Destoyer?

Hi all.
I am coming to the end of the training program Dirt Destroyer, really enjoyed it and feel like i’ve gained alot. I do not have time for what the program Singletrack Slayer requires (work, family).

Dirt Destroyer suited me as it was 3-4 one hour sessions a week, so i’d like something similar if anyone can advise?

I have already done FTP builder.

Thanks in advace


Hi Matt,

I’ve just finished DD too. As you say, Singletrack Slayer needs a lot more hours plus, it’s geared toward preparing the rider for XC races which isn’t me at all.

Assuming all is well, I’ll be taking part in some big enduro events in the UK (ArdRock and Naughty Northumbrian) this year. Both have big climbs so my focus is to develop leg strength and stamina so that I get to the top without being totally knackered.

So I thought I’d take a few days off the trainer and take the FTP test again. Options then would be to try some long low cadence climbs or climbing interval (1 mour max) or redo DD with new or increased FTP value.

Apart from on a few occasions (down to me not recovering) I felt that I always had more to give when doing DD. That said, the programme designers do say going all out all the time can be counter-productive.