Singletrack slayer

I am thinking of doing the singletrack slayer training plan but I can not do it 7 days a week because I am in the mountains on weekends. Am I able to do the 10 week plan over 13 or 14 weeks at a 5 day a week rate or I have to do the workout on the scheduled day?

You can download/upload the Singletrack Slayer workouts from this site and do the workouts whenever you want.

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Hi Dean, thanks. Cool site. This may be a dumb question, but how do you download a workout from this site and use it in Zwift?

The workouts already in Zwift is not available for download.

This is how a downloadable workout look.

Ok thanks. So if I want to do SingleTrack Slayer I have to follow the schedule exactly (can’t skip a day)?

Ah right - forgot that one thanks Gerrie.

The alternative @S_Lehman_Avout_Racin is to create a custom workout based on the existing ones. They are very easy to create but looking through the schedule, it could get a bit tedious.

Someone here did a custom set of the Build Me Up plan so I did a quick look for any customised version of Singletrack Slayer out there in the ether, but didnt find anything.

Make sure to vote for this feature: Make All Training Plan Workouts Usable as Solo Workouts


Exactly what I’m doing. I never skip a workout but I do take rest or lifting days. Does anyone else work lower body weights into these to prep for the season?

No you can use this site - whats on zwift . com

I’m on a Peloton, definitely interested in upgrading to a more advanced trainer but it suffices and I can follow all Zwift programs.