Are Training Plans Supposed to be Low Effort?

Hey there.

After completing the FTP Test (shorter) with an FTP of 177w some weeks ago I started the Dirt Destroyer Plan with said FTP for some MTB specific stimuli.

Within the first week of the plan I had to manually increase my set FTP up to 220w to feel any exertion at all. I’m now at the end of week 5 of the plan and I’m still running pretty good with 220w.

I’m just curious: Why is there a gap of nearly 23 % between my tested FTP and the one I’m using right now quite comfortable? Am I overdoing it? Aren’t plans designed to go full effort but rather low to medium effort?

I’m using Tacx Neo Smart Trainer with ERG Mode on.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

What’s your heart rate? Use that as a measure.

It sounds like you just need to repeat the FTP test. If you really push yourself on the FTP then the training plan will feel a lot harder.

I found that if you just do the training plan as scheduled and nothing else then it seems pretty easy. But it will depend on the training plan or workout.

try another FTP test(ramp test-is shorter) :slight_smile:
I have completed Dirt destroyer workouts and they’re good, I mean, it worked on me :slight_smile:
Now I’m about to end Singletrack Slayer(another workout plan)
If you have the corect value of your FTP, then the training will always be at least 5-6 from 10(exercion level); in the first weeks its normal to feel easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people find it difficult to pace the normal FTP test when they haven’t done them very often or ever. This could account for your low test the first time, plus whatever other variables were at play at the time. Try the ramp test and see how the works out for you. When I did the ramp test last year it seemed to put my new FTP a little high but with some extra work prior, I was able to do another training plan at that level.

I think I’m going for another FTP test after I finishes Dirt Destroyer and this time for the ramp test like suggested.

Thanks to everybody for replying!

copying from another thread:

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Hey! Yeah, maybe it’s a good idea doing two different tests and I think that’s what I’m going to do before starting a new Workout Plan on Zwift.

And thanks for the podcast! :slight_smile:

Did the FTP ramp test today, result: 243W. Six weeks ago I finished FTP Test “Shorter” with 177W.

Seems like a big jump and maybe like you assumed, caused by ramp tests estimating FTP too high.

Perhaps doing another test in the next week or so but I guess I’m giving that 243W a shot in my next training plan :slight_smile: