24% increase FTP

One year ago my FTP was set at 185, and now it is set at 227 (I did the ramp test). So doing workouts is accordingly harder, but here is the thing: I can hardly complete them or ride at the designated cadance. I do really want to finish my workouts, but like this it will not work for me. Now, should I set my FTP lower? It seems odd, theoretically I would have to be able to finish the workouts. Maybe I should take some time to gradually get used to training at my new FTP-level? Any thoughts on this? To prevent this I think I also should do ramp tests more often …


I suggest you simply drop your FTP by maybe 20-30 watts so you can complete the sessions and increase as you complete each session may be by 5 or 10 watts

Thanks Paul, that was my thought as well.

I had the same issue with a few of the harder sessions above my FTP so what I do when really hard session I pick a mountain route which allows me to get out of the saddle to put down the power

Two things here.

1st - are you giving yourself enough recovery and adaption time after your ramp test and training block? Without allowing your body time to recover the sessions, at your new level, will feel difficult. Do a google search for periodization / macro cycles / training phases for more information.

2nd - In some cases the ramp test is not the most accurate means to test FTP. The ramp test was actually developed to test Maximum Aerobic Power (slightly different to FTP) but has been taken on as a shorter/ simpler way to test FTP. The best way to test FTP is to do a measured effort of 60 mins, however this would be a long session (nearly 2 hours) including good warm up/ activation and warm down.

A compromise is the long FTP test, totalling about an hour, which includes warm up, pre effort fatigue and a 20 minute all out effort.

Many people struggle with pacing the 20 minute effort so revert to the ramp test which requires less ‘thinking & strategy’. But, like anything, with practice doing a 20 minute effort becomes easier to pace (although not easier to complete!).

Also remember that repeatbility is best practice. So do your tests at the same time of day, perhaps after the same fuelling and on the same day of your training periodization for true comparisons of performance improvement.

Hi thanks will look at a few of the options, I have dropped to 52 kg so difficult to balance power and weight as enjoy TT and climbing so have to strike a balance, also my age of 55 I do prefer longer warm up normally about 45 mins. I prefer ramp test to the FTP primarily due to the time constraints. If you struggle with FTP or ramps test ensure you have ERG enabled to avoid overcooking when starting off