Impossible to ‘plan’ your training when using Training Plan

So enrolled, re-enrolled so many times just to get the Build me up plan to start on Monday. Like many average punters I have to plan my training around full time work and family. I was so excited to have a new challenge. So finally i cracked the Monday start, just so i have time further into the plan to do my longer sessions at the end of the week and weekends - i even have the email to prove it - ‘Your 12 week training plan starts MONDAY’.
So knowing there are 3 ‘prep’ rides, and it’s only Wednesday I decided to do the prep rides. Double checked the plan… it said Week 1 - Available Mon Morning.
So I jump on and do the the first of the 3 Prep rides - I have 5 days to Monday right?
And FFS I finish the ride only to have my entire planning of my 12 weeks stuffed up… Week 1 - first ride suddenly not available until TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Not user friendly for those who really need to plan their weeks and training. And i actually took photos to prove i wasn’t going crazy.
The prompts and your tips and tricks tell us to plan our training, Flipping impossible. Time to provide some flexibility for the majority of your users. I’ve done the ‘workout programs’ and was wanting something different and a little more challenging. But the problem lies in the changing goal post that your platform creates for availability of the sessions. Please allow us to pick the start date/day and open up the week on that start day. And a ‘Prep’ ride or two should not have any impact on the start day for the program proper.
It would be great if you had a work around? I just want to be able to be excited about some training, and be able to plan it around everyday work and family commitments!

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