Training Plans ideas

I signed up for a training plan, Build Me Up, but most of the weeks appear to have two rides on one or two days a week. Do people really have time for this? Two rides are available on Mondays and sometimes two rides are available on Thursdays. This plan only has 5 hours of training a week but appears to put almost all of it on two or three days. Any ideas for training plans that are more spread out?

I think that is when the workout becomes available. You don’t need (I think you cant even if you wanted to) to complete both workouts that day.

You have to start a new training plan on a Monday. If you don’t sign up on a Monday then it will try and stuff in all the week’s workouts in however many days are left in the week. Sometimes the plan will allow you to choose between a couple of workouts on a given day but enforces a mandatory rest period after a workout is done so that you cannot choose the next workout for several hours or even the next day. That means if you started the plan on a Friday, you have two days to do all workouts for the week but the mandatory rest period will make it impossible to do so and will skip workouts.