Plan Problems?


I am brand new to Zwift so go easy on me! I joined Zwift and promptly enrolled in one of the offered training plans. For disclosure, my availability to ride on a normal schedule sucks…My question/problem is this: I rode the first ride with no problems. Then, I was not able to ride the 2nd recommended ride by the recommended time (Sunday evening). Come Monday, I wanted to do the 2nd ride but it was greyed out and unavailable for me to ride. Am I missing a setting that would allow me to ride the recommended rides on my own timeline?

Hope this makes sense! Thanks everyone!

PNW Blue

Zwift training plans are designed to be started on a Monday. It doesn’t really ever say that anywhere IIRC but if you start it on any other day of the week it will try and condense the 1st week of rides into however many days are left in the week (ie start it on a Saturday and the 1st week rides will only be available until Sunday night and week 2 starts Monday).

Easiest way is to cancel your current plan and start it again this upcoming Monday.

From what I’ve seen on the forums there is very little flexibility with the training plans.

There are also workouts that you can just choose each time you jump on if you can’t follow a plan as strictly as zwift would like.