Training Plan Flexibility

(Kalen Graham) #1

New training plans need to be more flexible. Releasing workouts day by day makes it difficult to bank workouts when you have life commitments later in the week. I would recommend to release workouts week by week and allow the individual how choose how to complete based on each individuals work, travel, life, energy levels. I would like to be able to do two a day but with the current setup I am locked out.

Also would recommend that all plan workouts are available as single workouts searchable by effort type. (Recovery, tempo, sweet spot, threshold, vo2 , sprints).


(Brent Piche) #2

I agree. I did the ‘pedaling’ drill tonight as it’s pretty easy, anticipating an early wake up to get after it in the morning, to find the next workout available in 12 hours… so 9 am. So I’m hooped for doing it in the morning, which then will continue to push this down the road… may be going back to just the regular workout structure

(M atthias H (ZRG)) #3

Good idea. In addition it would be great to be able to complete a missed workout.