The New Training Plans

(Derek Rush [RaceWBR]) #1

One of my problems with cycling workout is doing too much too often. It’s great to now have a few dedicated plans to follow that tell me when to work hard and when to take a break. But the downside to these plans is being locked in, preventing you from other custom workout you might want to do. For example: I like to ride on recovery days. But I don’t have access to my recovery workout while locked in the plan. I think we should have the option to access other workouts without having to leave the plan.

(Vincent W.) #2

That’s definitely fair, I’ll log this feedback and send it to the appropriate departments. :slight_smile: If there are any changes we’ll keep everyone posted! 

(Josh Hayes) #3

I also ride and race outside Zwift so being able to manually estimate and add a Ride and TSS (I don’t use out door power meter) would be ideal.

If I could plan in some B & C races into the plans that would really keep things interesting.