Training Peaks, Zwift, and Strava

Known issues with a ride from zwift not making it to strava if you are using training peaks?  The data moved from my garmin 935 to strava, but I don’t see the ride from watopia today.  I was using the Microsoft version on my laptop.  

I’m sorry Zwift didn’t upload your ride to Strava. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any known issues concerning Strava activity uploads. Connecting with Training Peaks shouldn’t be preventing Strava uploads.

There is a 2 kilometer and 10 mile activity limit. Anything under that doesn’t upload automatically. If the ride you’re talking about was over those limits and still didn’t upload, we have a few troubleshooting steps you could try.

As long as you’re logged into our website, please access your Zwift Activities Dashboard:

If you see your ride listed there, you should be able to download the file to your device and manually upload it to Strava.

To troubleshoot a bit, while you’re on the Dashboard, access the Connections section please:

From there, disconnect Strava. Once disconnected, refresh the page and reconnect Strava using your Strava account credentials. After that, log out of Zwift from your devices and log back in.

If you should still find long activities aren’t uploading to Strava automatically, please let me know. I’d like to create an email support ticket for you so we can request and research your log files for other concerns.

We’ll be looking forward to your reply!