Trainer woes (Saris H3)

Hi all,

I’ve recently had a few problems with my Saris H3. First with the freewheel which was caused by a cracked ‘top hat’ washer which was replaced, and now with the belt being way off centre which I think has been causing a knocking noise that started in the first week and has become progressively worse. Although Saris support have been great the store have agreed to swap it out, but now I’m wondering if I should pay the extra for the new Wahoo Kickr V5 to see if it’s more reliable.

Any thoughts? Better the devil I know?



I would upgrade. I have two H3’s (REI refused to take the return swap during heightened CV19 protocols) and Saris has refused to answer Support enquiries even though they can still send Marketing emails. Both knock, overheat, and are not as silent as they were reported to be. They work and I enjoy them but I wish I had gone Kickr 4th Gen…the 5th gen is supposed to be better. I have not heard any issues but I do not read the Kickr forums.

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I had an H3 (Dec. of 2019) and returned it after one week and upgraded to a Kickr. It was brand new but had a disturbing knocking noise that no one could diagnose.

@William_Black like a high speed clack-clack-clack that was the same irrispective of RPM?

I have the SARIS H3 (since December 2019) and have done over 15,000 km and over 500 hours it is still going strong. I expect it to go strong for a long time.

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Sounds the same — very irritating and sounded like a future emerging significant problem.