Saris H3 rubbing/knocking

Hey guys

Anyone had any issues with the H3 at all?

I can feel a wierd rubbing/grinding/knocking feeling in the cranks when trying to get some power down, not a sprint but just a little push.

I have emailed Saris but no response as of yet.

Does anyone know if I can tweek or check any components?

Any help as always is really appreciated.

There is a YouTube video on popping off the cover and checking the belt. Saris also has a video on changing the belt so you you could at least look at the insides. They are pretty basic.
The best way to get Saris to respond is to send them a Tweet on Twitter and they usually pay attention to that.

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I had this same issue. I submitted a support issue 6 weeks ago and have not heard anything yet. I sent two emails in the past week to no avail. This morning I was in the middle of a workout, and the belt start slipping. It blew the whole workout, and it was extremely frustrating.

The only thing I have received from Saris support is the initial acknowledgement of the request. I can understand a problem with the unit, but their extremely poor support is inexcusable. I have come to regret purchasing anything from this company.

I have to be honest their support was useless.
If it’s still under warranty I would request it is replaced.
You have to use imperial hex keys to open it up too.
The support team put me through to a UK team but they couldn’t do anything and no idea.
Of all the brands I have certainly found Saris to be the worst.
But Badger them via twitter and they will reply eventually.

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Wonderful… Thank you for the feedback. I suspect I have some imperial hex keys somewhere. Time to tear apart the garage and start whining on twitter. What a huge mistake this has been.

Look at the washer on this pully. You may need to add another thin washer against the pully behind current washer that has a hole bigger than the shaft.

Or look for something like this.


It sound like your issue is the pully is moving on the shaft.

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Awesome, thank you. If I can find the tools to open this thing up I will give that a try.

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I took the cover off to take a peak. The pulley that the arrow is pointing at in your image had a different issue. There is a groove running along the axle, and a long bar is inserted to provide the resistance to the shear on the pulley. The axle does not properly fit on the pulley, and the bar is ground down. It is basically toast, and I need to redouble my efforts to contact Saris.

Can you post a photo?

Sorry for the delay. I had put it back together and wanted to wait before cracking it open again. This is the view of the two smaller pulleys. I removed the screw and washer from the smallest pulley. I purchased the unit in November, and from what I can tell it must have been an older unit that they had kept in stock for a long while.

You can see in the picture the block that runs inside the groove of the axle has been ground down pretty well. The pulley is no longer centered and rotates off of its midline.


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Keep us posted because this looks like a common issue and I haven’t seen a fix posted anywhere.