Trainer calibration W/KG corrections

Hey, does anyone know how to reset your zwift power profile or at least remove a couple of months data? i started using zwift with my wheel on TACX Genius in November 2020, since the start i recognized that my power readings were about 20% higher than reality but i could not find a fix, i started entering some races for fun and found myself performing well in B cat, but then my power readings pushed me over the threshold and into A cat. eventually i managed to calibrate the trainer correctly and am now putting out average B cat W/KG but my Zwift power profile is showing me still as A cat because of my longer term averages so i get DQ’ed a lot which is annoying even though i am not challenging for podiums at all. any help would be appreciated. i tried racing in A cat and the step up was putting me close to a hospital bed :slight_smile:

Hi @Bigjamer, you can wait for the old results to fall off the 90 day average or contact to have your data wiped.

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