Reset Data Zwift Power

Hello, I have recently changed from smart roller and the previous data is wrong so I need to restore the data to zero, is it possible? If it is restored, I don’t lose the data in Zwift, right? It is that I have the everesting challenge to 25% … I am waiting !!

Hi have a similar request as well. I don’t believe my bike was calibrated correctly and waiting on new pedals which I can calibrate to set a more accurate FTP. How can I keep the progress I have made thus far and potentially reset my profile and past activities against a new FTP once get the new one sorted?

@bOON3 and @EGrande

Welcome both to Zwift forums. Your ZwiftPower data will continually update itself as you do more races / group rides. Please see this post to see why, and also why it’s probably not necessary in your cases.

I perfectly understand your answer, but you understand me too, I belong to a club where I compete in races and when I see my category they include me in races that are not where my level is and it is not fair that when wearing a new Smart roller it cannot be restored My category and thus not having to wait for my category to be updated by racing, please process my request to re-establish my category.

@shooj thanks for the response. How do I remove myself as a race winner. My calibration was way off and I took 1st in 3 races in the A group and 3rd in another. I want to make sure the correctly calibrated racers get bumped up to their corrected positions. Installed my new pedals and recalibrated. Thanks again.

EDIT (removed suggestion - I see this has been answeered in another post elsewhere)